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Dream Pop and alternative rock band - U.TA was influenced by 4AD-Cocteau Twins、Mazzy star...and original formed in Taipei , 2013.
Debut album “Highway Cruising”was released on 4th Dec. 2015.
In 2017, was first toured in 8 cities in China; 
in August, invited by Luuv Shanghai to perform "The Fourth East Asia Shoegaze Festival".
U.TA Twig_s China tour in the spring of 2018 and invited to opening for the Wedding Present (UK) and Yellow Fang (TH) in Taipei .
Summer release limited single "Xiang" and Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Hong Kong mini tour.
In October, invited to perform on the 10th anniversary of the Japanese shoeegaze label "Only feedback records".
The second studio album of U.TA will be released in 2019.


Urayn-Guitarist, Vocalist / 
Garry-Bassist / 
John - Guitarist, Synths / 
Tao -Drummer /


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